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Powerspy.py utility

Alciom PowerSpy powerspy.py is a utility script to measure voltage, current and power in real time using the Alciom PowerSpy device.

Brief Transactional Memory GCC tutorial

gcc GNU Compiler Collection is an open source compiler for many programming languages but particularly C and C++. The 4.7 version features an experimental support for Transactional Memory. In this page, we will find a small tutorial on Transactional Memory and its support on GCC.

Transactional Memory

trans-mem Transactional Memory has been proposed as an alternative to synchronization using mutual exclusion locks. It eliminates problems such as deadlocks and lack of composability. In this page, we can find information on TM runtimes such as TinySTM and RSTM, and link to the draft Transactional constructs for C++.

Egistec (aka Lightuning) ES603 fingerprint device

Egistec Analysis of the Egistec ES603 fingerprint device and development of a device driver for libfprint.

MassiveMusicQuiz (French)

MassiveMusicQuiz Quick analysis of the application to find weakness (in French) and cheating proof of concept in Java.

Miniville and poll systems (French)

Miniville Quick analysis of Miniville and how to defeat poll mechanisms (in French).

Computer troubleshooting and Windows stuff

Windows stuff Misc tips to fix Windows and computers.

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